Rome Day 3: CRETA Rome, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps

Hello everyone! Welcome to another beautiful day in Rome!

Today’s adventure consisted of getting lost in the city, and exploring different places throughout the morning. On our journey, we were able to find the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, which was absolutely amazing. The Trevi fountain was breathtaking, and I of course had to through a Euro in and make a wish! We also made it to the Spanish Steps, which had a view that was incredible! From the top, you can see so far into Rome, and it is phenomenal.

Throughout our morning, we also stopped at any open door that we could find. This included multiple churches, and a few art exhibits. The churches were stunning, and the amount of detail in each one is spectacular. The art exhibits were interesting and consisted of all different types of art. There were photographs, statues, paintings, etc. We also visited a new art museum, that just opened in this past October, that had many of Michelangelo’s works including a statue that he created and sketches of things he was working on!

Today was also an orientation to our art studio, CRETA Rome, which is a ceramics school that accommodates many different study abroad programs. It is a really great studio, and I am excited to get to work. For our course, we are required to make four different tiles and either a cup or plate. This is something really great because it is something tangible that I will be able to bring home with me and keep to remember this trip. It is something more special than an item like a postcard as it is something that I am able to create and something that will have a lot of meaning. I will post pictures when everything is complete!

Tonight, we are having a welcome dinner as a class, and we will probably stop along the way to see more things!

My favorite part of this trip so far is having the ability to walk around and everywhere you look there is something beautiful. Whether it be any old buildings, churches, restaurants, a historic landmark, etc. there is always something to see!

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” – Paula Bendfeldt

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