Rome Day 4: Studio Work and Vatican City

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today has been an amazing day. We started off our morning working at the studio, and beginning the creative process of our tiles. Currently I am working on sketching out each of the four and figuring out how I want to go about it. If you know me, you know that I am not an artist, but there is a lot in this beautiful city to be inspired by, so that helps!

After our time in the studio, a few of us ventured over to Vatican City to get tickets for Mass with Pope Francis for the Epiphany this Sunday! I am so excited and cannot wait! This has been something that I have always dreamed about doing, but I never thought I would have the chance, and I am so grateful that my dream is becoming a reality!

Walking into Vatican City, I felt a complete rush of emotions. I was speechless… the Vatican is absolutely stunning, and the entire scene is breathtaking. I wish I could put into words the feelings I had when I was there, but put very simply, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Before leaving for my trip, my great aunt had given me my great grandma’s rosary. It was something that became really special to me very quickly, and I am hoping that I will be able to get it blessed by Pope Francis this Sunday! It would mean the world to me, my grandma and especially her sister if I were able to do so. But, I have taken the rosary with me everywhere I go, and I had it with my at the Vatican today!

I am very lucky that I have multiple days to visit Vatican City, and will post more in the coming days about my experience with Mass, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel as I visit those places as well.

After coming back from our day of adventuring, I decided to go to the market nearby and check it out. It was a lot of fun and something that is very different compared to what I am used to back home. It was really interesting and a really good experience to have. I enjoyed it, and will have to check out some other ones around the area where I am staying.

Overall, today was a really great day, and I am feeling so fulfilled spiritually and emotionally. I cannot wait to share my experience about the Mass with all of you Sunday! I am so excited to go back to Vatican City, and to be able to see Pope Francis. I have a feeling that my emotions will be running high and I will have tears in my eyes, but a smile on my face. This trip has taught me a lot about myself and my faith, and I am so happy that I have this opportunity. I am so blessed and grateful to be here, and I cannot wait for the other experiences to come on my adventure!

“Joy springs from a grateful heart.” -Pope Francis

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