Rome Day 5: Tarot Garden and Contemporary Art

Hello everybody and welcome back to Day 5 in Italy!

Today consisted of a day trip to Tuscany, where we visited the lovely Tarot Garden.

The Tarot Garden is a sculpture park that was created by a French artist, Niki de Saint Phalle. This park is 14 acres set in the beautiful Tuscan landscape and filled with 22 different sculptures. The art was designed with inspiration from the tarot card, which is a deck of playing cards used in the mid 15th century in Europe for various games. In order to demonstrate her interpretation of the cards, these sculptures were crafted as “fantastical goddesses,” and creations that were able to be highly interactive. One is able to climb through the art and really get a good look at all different aspects of the piece. Overall, the garden and the artist’s works were made to promote femininity and really get a glimpse into her mind.

I really enjoyed walking around this space, and seeing all of the different pieces that were created. Because the sculptures are so large, it was hard to imagine how each was made, and how it all came together. My favorite part of all of it was the amazing color throughout the park. Each color was so bright and it really grabbed your attention. There was so much to look at that you could never become bored at the site! The details in each sculpture were really interesting, and each time you would look at it your eyes would be drawn to something else. The Tarot Garden is an example of contemporary art, which is really fascinating, especially when comparing it to other things we have seen and the examples of ancient art here in Rome. In some ways the art is similar when thinking about the meanings and interpretations, but the way in which the creative process is completed makes the finished product much different. I think that both types of art are really interesting, and I enjoy learning about each.

In general, these sculptures were nothing short of amazing, and I wish I could talk to Niki de Saint Phalle to get more of a look into her thought process as well as the creative process she had to go through in order for the park to come to life. I think that if you have the chance to travel to Tuscany, it would be well worth it to go and visit!

After our journey to the Tarot Garden, we then traveled to Orbetello, Italy. This beautiful town is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. Our class stopped here to grab some food and explore. I went to an amazing pizzeria, where I got a piece of zucchini pizza for only 1.5 euros. My lunch was delicious, and if you ever are here, I would definitely recommend it!

We also had the opportunity to go by the water and see the amazing view of the sea. The setting was absolutely gorgeous, and being surrounded by the water made it very peaceful and serene.

Altogether, today was a really fun day and stepping in to a different setting was a really good experience. Tomorrow is the Epiphany Mass with Pope Francis, and I am so very excited! Come back to my blog tomorrow to read all about that experience!

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