Rome Day 7: Roman Forum and Colosseum

Hello everyone and welcome to day 7 here in Rome!

Today was a day full of history and learning about the nature of Ancient Rome!

Class began at the Roman Forum, where we learned much of the history of Rome, and were able to walk through the ruins of what were basilicas, temples, and other public spaces.

Walking through the Forum, and learning new information about the history of Ancient Rome, there was a noticeable presence of antiquity throughout. Antiquity is another term for the past, and since I am studying in Rome, I am discussing the Greco-Roman world.

In general, the many ruins and artifacts that have been or are being excavated are examples of antiquity. They are objects that represent the past, and help us to continuously learn new information about the many layers of Rome.

The Roman Forum includes many different examples of antiquity, including things such as: The Arch of Titus, Basilica Fulvia Aemilia, The Temple of Julius Caesar, The House of the Senate, statues of important figures in society and many others that played a role in the society of Ancient Rome.

Being able to walk through what was a central location for many of the events happening in Rome was really interesting, but in some aspects it can also create some challenges. Personally, what I found to be difficult is imagining life in ancient times, and what the architecture looked like when it was just being built or in use.

Overall, I learned a lot at the Forum, and I think there is even more to be learned still! Each piece has a story, and you would have to spend a lot of time there in order to give each the time that they deserve. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do so, as I am here only a short time, but I think it would be fun to continue researching the many aspects of the Forum. If I had the chance to visit again, I definitely would!

After my class left the Forum, we headed over to the Colosseum! This was a really fun experience, and it was amazing that we had the opportunity to go inside and explore. The Colosseum is something that I have learned a lot about in many history classes, so being able to see it in person was really cool!

The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, is one of the most visited places in Rome. Approximately 6 million people visit each year, and it has become one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The Colosseum was created as a place of entertainment where different games and events were held. These games included: gladiator fights, different battles, wild animal fights, etc.

My experience of the Colosseum was really great! We walked through the doors as if we were the senators going in for the entertainment. Then, we walked up about four flights of stairs to where the poor, women and servants would experience the events. The social hierarchy was heavily reinforced during this time, and the seating arrangements were very specific!

It was a really neat experience to see the Colosseum from the different perspectives in which differing social classes would view the games and different events. I really enjoyed my time here, and it was a really interesting place to visit!

After our tours of the Forum and Colosseum, we headed to CRETA Rome for some time to work on our projects. We actually began working with the clay today to start the process of our tiles, mugs, plates, etc. Each student is doing their own designs, and we are free to indulge in the process and embrace our creativity! So far, I have created two tiles and a plate, and am currently working on the last touches of my designs to be able to recreate them on the clay. The entire process is really interesting, and I am learning a lot about how to work with clay and make my ideas come to life. It is really a lot of fun, and I am enjoying the creative process.

Overall, today was a really fun day filled with a lot of new information, and I am excited what tomorrow will bring!

“Art is the signature of civilizations.” – Beverly Sills

If you are interested in learning more information about the history of Ancient Rome, here is a link to a video and other websites that are really helpful:

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