Rome Day 8: Palazzo Barberini

Hello and welcome back!

Today was a good day here in Rome!

We started off with a trip over to the Palazzo Barberini. On our walk over, we stopped in a few different churches, in which we explored and really indulged in the beauty of the art.

It really is amazing to see all of the beautiful art and architecture that has been created. It is interesting to think of the process that these artists endured to create such pieces, especially when thinking about what resources were available during the time that they were working. It is so inspiring to see all that one person can create, and just the emotions that can come out of looking at artwork is incredible.

When we arrived at the Palazzo Barberini museum, we had the chance to wonder through the many different exhibits, and see the work from many different artists. Each room was filled with different creations, which were beautiful, but what I found to be the most interesting part were the ceilings. Almost every room in the building had a beautifully painted ceiling with many stories to tell. It was not simply one image, but they included a series of different scenarios in which the interpretations are limitless. It really was something spectacular to see!

After leaving the museum, we had to head over to class to continue work on our projects. We started carving out our images, adding relief, and using different techniques to see our image come to life!

Tomorrow morning we are headed back to the studio to finish up our last session of “wet work,” and then our creations will be fired. After the firing process, we put a glaze on our projects in order to make it shiny and become more durable. They are fired one more time, and then they will be ready to pack up and take home!

Overall, today has been a good day and I can’t wait for our adventure tomorrow!

“A true artist is not on who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” – Salvador Dali

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