Rome Day 14: Baroque Rome Walk

Hello and welcome back!

Today, class started at the studio, where we put any finishing touches on our projects. We had to put a glaze on them and do any final painting so they could be fired again. Now, they should have time to be completely dried and cooled by the time that we have to pack everything up for our trip home! I am excited to see how the final projects look after the entirety of the process.

After our time at the studio, our professors took us on a walk around the city to different places. We visited different churches, went back to the Pantheon, and some other historical sites that were significant in the art world. I do not remember the names of each place, and many did not allow for photos, but in general I learned a lot of new information, and enjoyed it.

However; my favorite stop along the way was the Church of St. Augustine, where his mother, St. Monica is buried. St. Monica holds a special place in my heart, as that is my grandma’s name, and she was also my confirmation saint. Visiting her and being in the Church was a really special moment, and I was even able to light a candle for my grandma. I am glad that I had this opportunity, and that I could do that for her.

Things are starting to settle down as we near the end of the trip. All of my course work is basically complete, and we are just enjoying our few days left. Tomorrow, we are headed to Florence for the day. And the next day we are packing up our things to leave on Thursday morning.

It has definitely been a great experience, and I would not change it for the world. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the chance to study abroad in such a beautiful place.

“Don’t resist chances, take them like vitamins.” -Unknown

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