Rome Day 15: Florence

Hello everyone!

Today was a day trip with my class to the beautiful city of Florence, Italy!

Our morning started out a little rocky as our train was delayed by over two hours. Sitting there waiting got a little tough and I was starting to get antsy. Our train was supposed to leave around 8:45, and we finally boarded and left the station somewhere close to 11:00. But it was worth the wait! We made it to Florence, and had a good rest of our day!

We were free to do what we wanted around the city, so I went and explored. I found some lunch at a little café, and it was delicious. Then, I roamed around, saw some beautiful architecture and went in to a few different shops. But then it was time for gelato!

After all that and about 25,000 steps later, our class met back up to head back to the train station.

Our train was on time luckily, and we made it back to Rome!

Overall, I had a really enjoyable day and I am happy that I had some time to explore and just take on the day as it came. I think that it is important to have those days when traveling; to allow yourself to wonder without a set schedule and see where it takes you. There is something really special about that, and it can allow for so many more opportunities that you maybe have never even thought of!

Again, I know I have been repeating myself a lot lately, but I am so grateful to have had this entire experience, and it has really taught me a lot. I am very appreciative of it all, and can’t wait to see where my next adventure and full day in Rome take me tomorrow…

“Trade your expectation to appreciation and the world changes instantly.” – Tony Robbins

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